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About Us ★

Texas Procurement is a federally regulated, free-standing entity, which holds 501(c)3 non-profit status. After over a decade of performing tissue recoveries himself, Rudolph (Rudy) Tovar, CTBS, CEO, was compelled to start his own organization where putting families first is always the number one priority. Texas Procurement was founded in November 2020, established in March 2021, and successfully began operations in August 2021.


In just over 2.5 years, Texas Procurement has been able to proudly help over 150 families by offering hope to registered donors and to the families whose loved ones pass away in North Central Texas by providing them the opportunity to donate the gift of life to those in need and awaiting transplant in both Texas and beyond.​

Texas Procurement is constructed of a dedicated staff that works 24/7/365 to ensure we are always available to serve our diverse community whenever the need arises.


The mission of Texas Procurement is to save, heal, improve, and enhance lives by connecting people through tissue donation and transplantation while maintaining the highest honor and greatest respect for those who give the gift of life.

Our Core Values 

Accountability – Maintain our organization's commitments to all that we serve.


Advocacy – Demonstrate support, kindness, respect, compassion, and understanding in all phases of tissue donation.


Integrity – Achieve integrity and honesty by always doing what is right in accordance with organizational values, policies and procedures, laws, and recognized standards.

Teamwork – Effectively collaborate with all, both internally and externally, to achieve shared goals.

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